Jiangsu Panda International Tourism Development Co., Ltd

Sports Tourism Media

      Through the superior domestic and international publicity resources as well as the rich experience in the promotion of sports and tourism, PITD provides the professional service in sports and tourism projects, which aims to establish the positive industrial circle and accelerate the sustainable development.

  • 豐富性
  • 可持續性
  • 可行性

Multidimensional planning service

To achieve the sustainable operation by means of the target market positioning, tourism product strategy, marketing channel structure and communication methods coordination. It is tailor-made for destinations and is of scientificity, practicality and higher cost performance.

  • Our team

    The professional team consists of Chinese and French specialists and scholars will make a all-around guidance for the project implementation and operation. Besides, it is a good way for governments, institutions and related industry practitioners to visit European to experience the projects themselves and attend the training.

  • International standard

    The implementation varies according to the differentiated destinations and projects as well as the related industry standard. For those with no specific standard in China, the projects shall be proceeded in strict accordance with international standard such as EU standard. For the completion of some projects, except the acceptance inspection by Party A, there shall be another laboratory test by the independent third party and the test report is necessary.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability directly determines the orientation of the whole complex and the main direction of future development. Innovation should be made on the basis of protection and respect for ecological resources.

  • Coordinated development

    Based on tourism projects and tourism industry oriented, a linkage mechanism is made between tourism industry and the primary, secondary, tertiary industries, which will realize the diffusion effect of tourism industry and finally achieve the maximized economic and social benefit.