Jiangsu Panda International Tourism Development Co., Ltd

Professional international events operating company

      Mid-end and high-end consumers oriented, PITD takes international events as the entrance of consumers flow. Through professional international marketing team and abundant publicity channels, PITD makes international publicity for events destinations to promote the development of Chinese sports tourism industry.

International competition brand

Trail running, slackline, mountain biking, outdoormix festival, Coupe Icare and other high standard international sport events consist of the events IP matrix of PITD. It is the international event brand, professional team and abundant experience that ensures the quality and standard of the event, which also promotes the healthy development of Chinese sport tourism industry at the same time.

  • Event brand

    The world well-known event brands including TransAsia, Slackline China, Raid VTT, etc.. are introduced to China by PITD. With the help of the influence of the events themselves, it intends to promote the tourism products and enhance the urban brand, thus being the new engine to drive the economic development.

  • International team

    The event is operated by both Chinese and French team so that the participants can have the original event experience. With the combination of Chinese and western elements as well as the abundant operating experience, PITD is devoted to provide the most international and professional sport event for destinations. Meanwhile, it aims to make a platform for international industrial communication and achieve more economic benefits.

  • Media publicity

    Full media coverage and multi-channel reports make the event heated on the network. The continuous publicity work in each stage of the event is made with a view to transforming the high-class customers into loyal fans, which will form a good business circle in the end.

  • Create the new IP

    According to the characteristics of different destinations, we will make the brand building by holding distinctive international events, summits, forums and other methods which are of strong consumption and broad coverage. In this way, the international reputation of the destinations will be raised and the charming resources will be fully displayed.