Jiangsu Panda International Tourism Development Co., Ltd
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Company Introduction

      Jiangsu Panda International Tourism Development Co., Ltd (shorted as PITD) is a company specialized in providing integrated service in the area of outdoor projects operation, outdoor planning and events marketing. With the accurate promotion, unique innovation, advanced visual design and excellent operating ability, it is highly acclaimed by clients in the whole industrial chain.

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Our team

       Professional and efficient, it is the PITD team. There are over 60% international staff and 65% of the team members have master’s degree or above. Most of the staff have been engaged in sports and tourism industry for over three years even ten years. So far, we have succeeded in many outdoor projects and established favorable international cooperation with France, Canada, etc..

Contact Us

Address:Room 4608, Xindi Center, No.188, Lushan Road, Jianye District, Nanjing, China.

Wechat ID:PITD

Wechat ID:Sino-French Mountain Tourism Development Research Institute